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TransferEasy is an on-line financial services company, founded by elites and professionals from well-known technological and financial conglomerates at home and abroad: Lenovo, Alibaba, Baidu, AIG, to name but a few. The professional background in finance and foreign exchange areas and the abundant risk-control and anti-money laundering experience guarantee the professional delivery of our services.

TransferEasy focuses on providing international remittance services. Our major business lines include regular cross-border money transfer for individual clients, transfer of tuition fees and living expenses for overseas students, regular cross-border transfer of funds for company clients (e.g. The distribution and collection of funds for small-media-sized cross-border e-commerce businesses). TranferEasy efficiently provides multi-currency, cross-border, and cross-platform remittance services in a safer and faster manner. Payments are settled in different currencies with a discount service fee much lower than traditional bank charges, which could substantially cut financial costs for our clients while meeting their needs of fund transfer.

TransferEasy, the international remittance platform of TransferEasy Inc., relying on the cross-border financial transaction network built by its global licensed subsidiaries, makes international money transfer safer, easier and faster.

Team Culture

Tech fetishes, code die-hard fans, we are more than confident that we can make this world highly automated; Geeks in financial area, masters in K line analysis, a small ripple in financial market can excite our nerves; We are risk averters, striving for spiritual satisfaction, any risk will ignite our morale to nip it off in sprout. Being like this, is only because we are passionate about making international money transfer easy and trendy.

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TransferEasy is strictly in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Law of the PRC, the Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing of Hong Kong, the Bank Secrecy Act(BSA) of the United States and other related anti-laundering regulations made by People's Bank of China, Anti-Money Laundering Bureau, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong Customs and U.S. FinCEN, and will report suspicious transactions by operation of law. Meanwhile, we abide by the related regulations of Administration of Exchange Control of PRC, declare foreign exchange pursuant to the requirement under the Procedures for Reporting Balance of International Payments.

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