Before: Confusing investment information and annoying services

It takes far more efforts to seek assistance than handle it on your own
Consultants might know less than you do.
Received the tax refund yet?
Racked your brain but still end up with unsatisfying investment plan
Get tortured both physically and mentally just for a piece of government’s approved document.

Now, top-notch services just for you

All-round & one-stop business services
Comprehensive & professional financial & investment advisory services
Easier and more convenient access to Tianjin government’s preferential policies
An array of full cycle & integrated investment solutions
Coordinating various affairs among different government departments in your favor

Professional Financial Services

Tianjin Wuqing Financial Industrial Park, a trial and gathering area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region’s financial industries, is initiated and operated by TransferEasy and highly supported by the Tianjin Government. We are committed to providing users with full-chain and one-stop business services as well as to helping companies enjoy the preferential policies of government.

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Our Services

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Help listed companies design ESOP in which employees are involved as limited partners

Offer an income tax rate of 20% for individual limited partners (national prevalent rate is 35%) 

Help enterprises get tax returns and other benefits

Private Equity Fund

Design structures for private equity fund

Offer policy advisory services, and a full-chain solution and business assistance in regard to pre-investment, after-investment, and investment withdrawal

Apply for tax returns and other benefits

Enterprise Headquarters and Regional Settlement Headquarters

Help enterprises build headquarters and regional settlement headquarters

Offer policy advisory services and help enterprises get high-percentage tax returns and other benefits

Help production-oriented enterprises that need production, and logistic & warehousing services explore local resources

Financial Leasing and Commercial Factoring

Offer all-in-one commercial service including advisory service of establishing financial leasing company and commercial factoring company according to relevant laws and policies

Help enterprises apply for tax returns and other benefits

Obtaining Certificate of Scientific & Technological Enterprise and Certificate of High-tech Enterprise

Help enterprises obtain the Certificate of Scientific & Technological Enterprise and the Certificate of High-tech Enterprise

Licenses Application Consulting Services

Help enterprises obtain and record necessary licenses

Enterprise Commercial Services

Provide a full set of commercial services and help apply for tax returns and other benefits as required

Tax & Accounting Services

Help enterprises with tax declaration, accounting and bookkeeping

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TransferEasy is strictly in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Law of the PRC, the Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing of Hong Kong, the Bank Secrecy Act(BSA) of the United States and other related anti-laundering regulations made by People's Bank of China, Anti-Money Laundering Bureau, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong Customs and U.S. FinCEN, and will report suspicious transactions by operation of law. Meanwhile, we abide by the related regulations of Administration of Exchange Control of PRC, declare foreign exchange pursuant to the requirement under the Procedures for Reporting Balance of International Payments.

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